4 Reasons To Consider Daycare

1 Socializing your dog

It’s where your dog can be a dog! They are pack animals and being social is in their nature. Doggie daycare almost forces your dog to learn how to read and interact with other dogs (and a select few humans) in a controlled environment. It teaches your dog everyday manners, and how to be comfortable in new surroundings. 

While it may take your dog time to adjust to their new surroundings, once they are comfortable and familiarizing themselves with it, they do behave better in other scenarios as well – when in the car, at the dog park, or on vet visits.

2 Relieve boredom and separation anxiety

An average working day is 9 hours with travel and can be extended with that one meeting that runs too long or that gym class you’ve been wanting to get to all week!

While all the puzzles and treat-filled toys can be a great distraction and aid in dog training, the boredom will set in once they’ve gone through that.

Daycare is change in scenery where your doggo can learn new things. They are stimulated and make new friends while allowing time for the weekly shopping, or gym classes without thinking about an understimulated doggy being destructive out of boredom waiting at home for you.

“But my dog spends most of the day asleep anyway!”

Yes, they do rest for a large portion of the day when alone, but this is not healthy long term. Not to mention the lack of mental and physical activity that can lead to weight issues, mobility issues, and destructive boredom behaviors. Relieve the doggy doldrums and send your doggo to daycare!

3 Exercise

While at daycare, they can run and jump their little hearts out with enough rest time. Unfortunately, during the work week, we do not have enough time to spend with our dogs to keep up with the exercise they need. However, after daycare, if you can’t make that evening walk because you’re exhausted, you can feel less guilty knowing your dogs had a day of physical and mental activity.

Dogs are a creature of habit! They thrive on routine and structure which plays an important role in their overall wellness.

Incorporating daycare helps keep a routine and structure for your dog. They’re getting all the attention, meals are fed on time, walks are on time, and generally keep to their usual everyday structure.
Moreover, when its time for you to travel for the holidays, you know your dog is familiar with the space and the routine when its time for them to start boarding.

“But what about the special ones?”

From time to time, we do see doggies who are far too overwhelmed by daycare. This usually comes with dogs who may have found a home at an older age, or pups that already suffer from behavioral issues. In many cases, unfortunately, the dogs experience a lot of trauma at an early age which plays a part in their behavior and personalities.

It is up to your daycare to let you know what your pups’ social skills are like – they may get on in a quieter group or a group with less dogs. This is why, while our play groups are by size and age, we do have to consider temperament. 

That’s all for now!

Lots of love,