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Pet Relocation From Canada To Dubai

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Happy Buddies Redefines Pet Relocation

Happy Buddies is your companion for a worry-free and safe pet relocation from Canada to Dubai. We are committed to providing excellent pet relocation service, designed to meet the demands of international travel because we are passionate about the welfare of your furry friends.

Regulations for Importing Pets to the United Arab Emirates

Navigating the intricate web of regulations for importing pets to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is crucial for pet relocation from Canada to Dubai. At Happy Buddies, we understand the significance of complying with these regulations to facilitate a smooth transition for your pets. Our team stays abreast of the latest updates and ensures that every step aligns with the guidelines set by the UAE authorities. These are the regulations:

  1. Microchip: Every pet will have a microchip to identify them. The microchip must adhere to either ISO Standard 11784 or ISO Standard 11785. In addition to ISO, the UAE now accepts AVID 9 and AVID 10. It is necessary to implant the microchip before giving the rabies vaccination.
  2. Rabies Vaccination and Certificate: A veterinarian-signed original Rabies Certificate is required for all pets. The minimum age for the rabies vaccination is 21 days.
  3. Import Permit: Your pet relocation specialist will acquire this. Please be aware that the import permit is valid for one month from the date of issuance, and can take between three days and two weeks to obtain.
  4. UAE Breed Restrictions: The UAE prohibits the importation of specific dog breeds. Including American Staffordshire Terriers, Rottweilers, and Pit Bulls. For information on whether your pet is eligible for import, contact the UAE embassy or consulate in your nation of residence.

Pet Relocation Documentation and Certificates

The Ministry of Climate Change and Environment website in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has all the information and requirements needed to export dogs and cats to the country. You must adhere to all UAE regulations if you wish to export a dog or cat from Canada to the UAE.

Before bringing your dog or cat to the UAE, you must get an import permit from the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment in the United Arab Emirates.

A valid original Veterinary Health Certificate for Export of Dogs and Cats to United Arab Emirates (HA2839) (307 kb), completed by a licensed veterinarian and approved by a CFIA Official Veterinarian is also a travel prerequisite.

Happy Buddies takes pride in its meticulous approach to documentation and certificates for pet relocation. Our experienced team meticulously prepares all the necessary paperwork, including veterinary certificates, import permits, and customs documentation. We understand the importance of accuracy in paperwork to avoid delays or complications during the relocation process.

Basic Vaccinations

Ensuring that your pets are up-to-date with vaccinations is a fundamental aspect of pet relocation. Happy Buddies collaborates with accredited veterinarians to ensure that pets receive the vaccinations before their journey to Dubai. We prioritize your pets’ health and well-being and protect against common diseases.