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Relocation FAQ’s

Here at Happy Buddies we believe in being honest and upfront from start to finish with your pets travel. Our quotes are based on the best price we are able to obtain for your relocation process.

We understand relocation can be an extremely stressful time for both yourselves and your pets, and here’s where we come in. We will handle everything required for your pet from start to finish to ensure they arrive at their destination, happy and healthy.

Our relocation service fee includes:

  • Making sure all documentation and attestations are obtained and correct, as per your travel requirements. This will include but is not limited to health certificates, import and export permits and all documents required from our designated veterinary clinic.
  • Presence of our agents at the pre-departure travel checks and travel day check-in. This will include either meeting you at our designated veterinary clinic, Cargo Village or going on your behalf with your pet/s.
  • Making sure all relevant vaccinations are checked and accurate, to meet the import/export requirements.
  • Contacting overseas relocation agents to find you the best price and arranging flights for your fur-babies.

Crate Sizing

To be able to relocate your pet safely, they will need to have an IATA approved travel crate. This can be provided by us at an extra cost or, you may be able to use your own as long as it fits the IATA requirements. We would recommend visiting us for a crate fitting to make sure your pet is comfortable and to get an estimate of all your travel costs.


The relocation team at Happy Buddies have vast knowledge when it comes to the care and attention of what your fur-babies need for their travel. With our trusted colleagues overseas, we are able to plan your pet/s trip in a stress free environment.

FAQ’s :

Length – measured from nose to base of tail. Height – Floor to top of head, or tip of ears if this is higher. Width – widest part of your pets body, i.e shoulder to shoulder or hip to hip. Foreleg – floor to elbow.

Crate – Introducing them to their crate as soon as possible, helps them become accustomed to it. Bedding – without compromising space in the crate, you can use blankets, non-slip bath mats or towels that will have a familiar scent from home on.

Pets can travel as Manifest Cargo, Excess Luggage or Excess Luggage In-Cabin. 

Manifest Cargo and Excess Luggage – your pet will be travelling in the hold of the aircraft. It is dimly lit and temperature controlled to ensure they are most comfortable. 

Excess Luggage In- Cabin – some airlines may allow for your pet to travel with you in the cabin, however this is airline and breed dependent. Our agents will advise whether this applies to your pet’s relocation. 

Your pets food should be restricted approximately 8-12 hours before they are due to fly. This will help your pet from getting travel sickness and it will also reduce the risk of your pet needing to toilet during their travels. Your pet should always have access to water. Although we recommend that your pet should not be allowed to drink large amounts before they are safely put into their travel crates.

We recommend before you fly that you slowly get your pet used to going in and out of the crate they will be travelling in, this can be done by using treats, toys and positive reinforcement.

As well as helping your pet get used to their travel crate, there are a number of other solutions we can recommend to help them stay comfortable and calm during the flight. One item we would recommend to help keep your pet calm would be a ThunderShirt. It works the same as swaddling an infant. It applies constant gentle pressure to your pets body, this then helps to release calming hormones. Additionally, natural calming remedies such as sprays and collars can also be used to help your pet feel less anxious during their travels.

Sedation is not allowed as it can be extremely dangerous because it affects how your pets control their internal temperature and their ability to regulate their breathing.